Rumored Morale Problems Plague the Cranford Municipal Building
Within a short period of time Cranford employees have quit. A few examples:
Zoning Officer
Township Engineer
Downtown Business & Economic Development Director
Police Chief
Assistant Zoning Officer
Township Clerk
Tax Collector


The Union County 2005 Cross-Acceptance Report is quoted below and was prepared with the assistance of Schoor-DePalma, Inc. Schoor-DePalma was also the engineer for Woodmont Properties who had a proposal before the Cranford Planning Board for a 132 multi-family residential development.

"However, our aging sanitary sewer infrastructure is becoming a problem. Some of the sewer mains are more than 100 years old and will require major repair or reconstruction in order to provide for continual growth and redevelopment. In older communities like Cranford, inflow and infiltration into our sanitary sewer systems are getting worse. This increases the risk for more frequent pipe failures, stresses treatment plants, and adds to the cost of water treatment every time it rains." (Pages 3-4, Union County 2005 Cross-Acceptance Report)

"...major repair or reconstruction projects will be needed for this infrastructure in order to provide for intensive growth. For these reasons, the township believes that the State and/or County need to provide financial assistance for these sanitary sewer infrastructure improvements." (Page 43, Union County 2005 Cross-Acceptance Report)