On September 19, the Cranford Eagle published this editorial about the Cranford Planning Board.

Whatever the specific reasons for their ire, residents and officials have good cause to be suspicious and disappointed with the three-month postponement of Woodmont Properties’ application of age-restricted town homes by the Cranford Township Planning Board.

The board has been hearing this proposal since the spring and was expected to continue the process on Sept. 19. But Woodmont Properties asked and was given a postponement for the hearing until December 5. That date also might be a problem because it is the first day of Hannukah.

The proposal seeks to build 124 age-restricted town houses, a club house, health club and swimming pool over 52,000 square feet of property, currently zoned for existing office space on the residential Birchwood Avenue.

Sewer capacity, traffic and flooding have been among the concerns of residents who flocked to several planning board meetings through the spring and summer months.

Township officials have the responsibility of seeing this application resolved while it’s very pertinent details are still fresh in the minds of residents and board members, and before the unresolved application can become another issue to distract and confuse voters in November.

Mayor Michael Plick, a Republican, stated at the September 11th Township Committee meeting that he has requested the meeting be rescheduled for an earlier date.

With significant numbers of residents deeply concerned about the proposed age-restricted housing project and Union County Republican Chair Philip Morin representing Woodmont Properties, Cranford’s Republicans that make up much of the planning board, should not miss this clear opportunity to side with local taxpayers rather than political allies and change the date to before the election.