Rumored Morale Problems Plague the Cranford Municipal Building
Within a short period of time Cranford employees have quit. A few examples:
Zoning Officer
Township Engineer
Downtown Business & Economic Development Director
Police Chief
Assistant Zoning Officer
Township Clerk
Tax Collector


(Affordable Housing) Coah Certification was not pursued in 2005 by our Township Commissioners Jorn, Aschenbach and McDonough. The text below was taken from the minutes of that particular meeting of January 25, 2005 when they voted.

Third Round Rules of the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH)
Township Attorney Renaud discussed the letter from the Council of Affordable Housing regarding Third Round Rules of COAH. Stated that the Township must determine whether to pursue substantive certification for affordable housing. Explained that substantive certification would obligate the Township to provide affordable housing. A plan would be required which must include the housing location, number of units, etc, and the plan must meet the requirements of all three rounds of affordable housing. Stated it would be necessary for the Township to hire a consultant for the development of such a plan. Further explained that certification would exempt the Township from a Builders Remedy Lawsuit. Discussed the impact of a Builders Remedy Lawsuit. A resolution must be adopted by February 20, 2005 if the Township wishes to pursue substantive certification.

Discussion ensued.

Commissioner Darby discussed her concerns regarding a Builders Remedy Lawsuit. Feels the Township should pursue substantive certification.

Mayor Jorn, Deputy Mayor Aschenbach and Commissioner McDonough do not feel the Township should pursue certification. Commissioner Mease was undecided.

Township Committee consensus not to pursue substantive certification.